Bronsky’s Confession
by Edgar Hilsenrath

Translated by Astrid Klocke.

If you, Jakob Bronsky, meet such a girl, she will wonder: Who is Jakob Bronsky? … What does Bronsky know about the “American way of life”? Does Jakob Bronsky know that only success counts and nothing else? Is he a guy who ruthlessly gets his way but still believes in God Almighty? Does he know that our world is an idyllic one? … Is he familiar with the ideals of our forefathers who arrived on the first boat, the Mayflower, and what does he think of Coca-Cola culture?

274 pages, ISBN 978-3-943334-11-1
US $ 47.50 • EU € 60.00 (AT € 61.70) • GB £ 35.00 • CA $ 65.00 • AU $ 62.50

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