Cover: Sekine – Towards a Critique

Towards a Critique of Bourgeois Economics
by Thomas T. Sekine
Edited by John R. Bell

“It would take a scholar with a formidable intellect to be able to significantly refine the work of Kôzô Uno, the brilliant Japanese economist who had advanced the most sophisticated and convincing reconstruction of Marx’s unfinished masterpiece, Capital, to have hitherto been attempted. This impressive essay collection drawing from Thomas Sekine’s work from the 1970s down to the present day and covering much of the full gamut of Sekine’s wide ranging intellectual interests, includes discussions of the correspondence of Hegel’s dialectic and the dialectic of capital, the dialectic as the basis for social science, the defense of value theory, the proper solutions to both the dialectical and mathematical transformation problems and the ex-capitalist transition. This is required reading for any serious heterodox economist, whether Marxian or otherwise.”
John R. Bell
(formerly Professor, Seneca College)

Sekine – Towards a Critique
doi: 10.4444/34.20